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Welcome to BrandingYou!

BrandingYou! produces resources for coaches who want to discover, reach and exploit their coaching niche.

These resources include the free Discover Your Coaching Niche mini-course which has helped so many coaches to find their coaching niche.

We offer a comprehensive workbook - The BrandingYou! Workbook to aid in your marketing positioning, refining your market niche and how to communicate this to your prospects. 

You'll find a series of articles that will help you as a coach in getting new clients and in marketing your coaching practice.

You can purchase the Achieve Expert Status CD, and there's a link to my blog, Your Coaching Niche.

Alun's Squeeze Page Builder is now available as a CD shipped directly to your door, or as an instant download.

I'm also pleased to offer a set of nine downloadable videos on copywriting and my 7 Coaching MegaTrends Home Study Course.

Just released is my latest product, created by Mike Stewart, the Internet Audio and Video Guy. It's Wordpress Sales Letter 2 .  This is a comprehensive training course and toolset for those who want to create video sales letters and video squeeze pages.

Also newly available is Alun's Download Page Builder - a quick and easy way to build download pages.

Do use these resources, and please contact me if I can help you in marketing your coaching practice.

Cheers for now,


Alun Richards
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