"Do You Want To Avoid Falling Victim To The New Trends In The Coaching Market?"


8:40 am 18th October 2008
From the desk of Alun Richards in London

Dear Coach,

Research Shows 7 MegaTrends That Can Wipe Out YOUR Coaching Practice! 

There are Seven Coaching MegaTrends that are transforming the coaching industry.

They  have the power to wipe out your coaching practice! 

And the vast majority of coaches are not even aware of them!

Imagine a whole crowd of coaches about to be hit by a tidal wave they can't even see.

Want to be different from the crowd?

Want To Discover How You Can Benefit From These Trends?

Yes, you read it right.  Do you want to know how you can actually benefit from the MegaTrends?

Look, I spent months researching the coaching marketplace.  I gained information from practicing coaches, coach training schools and market watchers.

The result is the most comprehensive view of the trends in the coaching marketplace.

The results shocked me. 

Discover The Shocking Truth!

Want to know how a full 65% of coaches are flushing money away? (I explain why, and how you can avoid it in MegaTrend 4.)

MegaTrend 3 means coaches must change how they communicate with their prospects. But do you know how? And indeed why? 

By working with MegaTrend 5, I reveal how you you can enhance your credibility, generate more revenue, build loyalty and build your list!

And I show how if you're not exploiting MegaTrend 7, you're working with one hand tied behind your back.

What You Get

For the first time you have access to a mini home-study course that reveals these MegaTrends.  It's built around a presentation I gave at the 2008 Euro Coach Conference. 

You get  a high-quality mp3 of the live presentation, with the slides used and study guide to consolidate the learnings.

It also includes the original article on the 7 Coaching MegaTrends, a document on what these MegaTrends mean to the coach and an action-focused workbook.

checkmark Discover the 7 Coaching MegaTrends revolutionising the coaching market!
checkmark Unique Study Guide allows you to discover where to take action.
checkmark Workbook aids in your action-planning
checkmark Transform your coaching practice with this priceless information!
checkmark The recording, slides and study-guide immerse you in these MegaTrends
checkmark Uncover 7 things you MUST do for your coaching practice to prosper
checkmark Return to this home study course over & over to get most benefit!


Home Study Course Contains:

  1. A high-quality mp3 audio from live presentation
  2. The presentation slides
  3. My unique study-guide
  4. The original 7 Coaching MegaTrends article
  5. Document: What These MegaTrends mean to you 
  6. The Action-focused Workbook

The coaching marketplace has changed - but do you know how and where? The strategies that used to work will not work now.

Discover what the Seven Coaching Megatrends are, but more importantly, what YOU can do to prosper from them.

This whole mini home-study course is only $27. 

Here's My Guarantee To You

If this course doesn't work for you, you get refunded in full.

If you don't like it, you get refunded in full.

I want you to be delighted by my mini-course, or you get your money back.


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To your marketing success! 

Alun Richards