'To Coaches Who Want To Build A Direct Response Website - But Can't Get Started!'


Dear coach

I can show you how to build a squeeze page in only 4 minutes!

Yes, it's true.

Alun's Squeeze Page Builder allows you to build a squeeze page (signup page, direct response webpage) in around four minutes.

There is no HTML required, and no HTML editor needed! Just follow the instructions to build a squeeze page in four minutes.

The package contains step-by-step manuals and two easy to follow videos.

Even those with no web knowledge will have a Direct Response Website up and running within hours.

red tick No HTML required!
red tick Just fill in the blanks to build a webpage.
red tick Build a squeeze page in only 4 minutes.
red tick No HTML editor needed.
red tick Comprehensive step-by-step guides included.
red tick Two easy-to-follow videos.
red tick Two Bonuses: Writing a Report and Publicising your direct response website!

Create Unlimited Squeeze Pages Effortlessly & Easily!

If you've been wanting to have a Direct Response webpage up - but didn't know how, well, I've made it easy for you. You just fill in the blanks and Alun's Squeeze Page Builder does the rest!

Can't afford the webmaster fees to create a bespoke direct response webpage?

Don't want to have to spend months learning HTML and fighting with HTML editors?

I have the solution for you!


How is Alun's Squeeze Page Builder Any Different?

This is designed for you.  It's not for webmasters or techies who love coding in HTML. Come on!  Life is too short!!  You just want to click and go.

So I designed this product with simplicity and speed in mind.  It has comprehensive and easy to follow guides - I even include a FAQs and Glossary document.

I listened to feedback during its testing.  I added clear flowcharts for you to follow.

I researched this area thoroughly.

In fact, I spent well in excess of 2,000
learning different ways to put up a squeeze page so that you don't have to!  I then re-engineered the process so non-technical coaches can use it.

So that's what I'm offering you.  Simplicity.  Ease. Speed.  A proven process that works.  Every time.

So, you want a squeeze page online and live in the next few hours?

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Will This Work For Me?

You might be wondering "Will this work for me?"  Well, so did my team of testers! They tried it out, and this is what they had to say.

Alasdair pic

"I think the main value is in the step-by-step instructions on how-to [set up a squeezepage]."

"It has all the step-by-step guides to help you through the process."

"[It's ] ...a timesaver"

Alasdair McWilliam

female head

“It's a user-friendly resource with unlimited potential to drive your business.  It's a fantastic product!  It's amazing!  I did indeed have my page up in (maybe a little more than) 4 minutes - but that's only because I was thinking what to write!”

Marisa Brummitt


"I'm finding the set up for the squeeze page very easy. That it made building the page a breeze."

"I was expecting to do a lot more work."

Monica McPherrin, LCC
Divorce Recovery & Empowerment Coach



“I think the concept of what you are suggesting is brilliant as most people will not have a clue with this.”

Peter Johnson
Personal & Team Development Consultant



“I’ve run through the package and I think it’s excellent!  Really simple, well thought out and put together with useful supporting documents and resources. I've used it to get a page up and running”

“If you haven't got a clue where to start with getting a simple and effective web-page online, get Alun's Squeeze Page Builder and you can be up and running by the end of the day.”

Ben Green
Confidence Coach Leeds

My Cast-Iron, No Bull, Take-It-To-The-Bank 100% Money-Back 90-Day Guarantee to You

Look, after you download and try out Alun's Squeeze Page Builder if, even 90 days from now you are not convinced it will work for you, drop me an email to alun@brandingyou.org and I'll refund your payment in full, no questions asked!

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To your online marketing success!


Alun Richards