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“The Five Biggest Problems Coaches Have With Their Websites”
Are you suffering from any of these?

This questionnaire is designed to help you determine where you are in terms of getting more business from your website.

There is one question for each of the five biggest problems experienced by coaches. If you can be aware of, and can avoid these problems, you'll be in the top 10% of all coaches.  And you'll be able to pull in more coaching clients with less effort.

Your answers will determine your current position in terms of website exploitation.  You'll know where you are able to profit from your website.

So please answer each question as honestly as possible, as your answers will determine the nature of the feedback and the resultant recommendations.


How clear are you on your website’s purpose?


Have you implemented your website in line with your purpose?


Do you have a brochure website?


How do you control your website visitor interaction?


My website delivery strategy and tools are as follows:


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