"Find Your Niche Now - New Workbook Reveals How"

4th October 2008
From the desk of Alun Richards in London


Dear Fellow Coach,

Be honest with yourself

  • How much time and effort have you expended by not having a defined market?

  • How many clients have you failed to engage through not being able to articulate clearly what you offer?

  • How much income you have forgone through not being crystal clear on your niche?

Discover The Niche You Can Make Your Own!

How would it feel to know that in seconds you could have the solution to these problems in your hands?

Think - if you had a way to identify your market niche - how much easier would getting business be for you?

Imagine if you were able to do this quickly and easily - what would that give you?

The Secrets Of Identifying Your Niche Revealed

Talk to any experienced coach and they will tell you the benefits that flow from being crystal clear about your target market niche. 

It's like driving with the handbrake on, then suddenly taking it off.  All of your marketing efforts immediately have more effect.  You start delivering what your target market actually want and need.

You're in demand.  What you can deliver and what your market niche want are the same thing.  It all dovetails - it's so much easier.

So Who Am I To Talk About Coaching Niches?

I've been a successful coach since 1998.  I specialised in marketing in my MBA, and I have a Diploma in Marketing.  Having completed my MBA, I advised a major UK supermarket on marketing in relation to their Loyalty Card strategy.

Working as a coach, I began to see other coaches having problems.  Many coaches do not know exactly to whom they should be providing their services.

I developed the Branding You! approach initially to help my coaching clients.  When I saw the success it allowed them to achieve, I was prompted to produce a workbook that would benefit all coaches.

At Last A Way To Quickly And Easily Discover Your Niche Market!

Until now, finding your true niche has been a hit and miss affair. 

You could try and work it out for yourself.  Sadly, most coaches who try this never quite get there.

You try could reading some books on marketing.  But which books?  Getting what you need specifically tends to be in many different books with different approaches.  Many of them are academic and don't take you through a clear, unambiguous process.  And all of this takes time - time you could be spending growing your business.

Do you have that time?  If you're honest you'll say no.

You could try to engage a Marketing Professional.  That is if you can find one who really understands the marketing of specialist one-to-one professional services.  Anyone any good is likely to be charging in excess of $300 per hour.  And you'll need three hours or more.

Do you have that money?  If you do, wouldn't it be better spent investing in gaining more business?

Niche And See Your Success Grow

Luckily, the resource you need is now available to you.  The Branding You! Workbook allows you to uncover what is unique about you and your services.


It enables you to discover what market segment is hungry for the services you offer.  Through the use of an innovative process you are gently guided to identify exactly what you can provide for your customers.

In using The Branding You! Workbook, you will rapidly discover the characteristics of the potential market for your services. 

It's like having your own expert marketing consultant ask you incisive nicheing and branding questions.

Why Should You Buy The Branding You! Workbook?

It's a fair question.

This is what you will gain with The Branding You! Workbook:


A clear definition of your target market


A tangible description of your services for that market
Clarity on your niche and brand
Knowledge of where to concentrate your marketing effort
A deep understanding of your services, your business environment and how they relate to each other
Alignment of your services with who you are as an individual
Confidence that you have the right niche after completing a thorough review
The ability to clearly articulate your proposition to your target market

Understand Your Services And Their Relationship To Your Market

The Branding You! Workbook is for professional coaches who are serious about delivering the services that their target market need and want.

Using an innovative process, The Branding You! Workbook invites you to take a comprehensive look at the services you provide, to whom, and how.

  • You will discover what services YOU are able to deliver.

  • You will explore and uncover the niche markets for those services.

  • You will discover your Unique Selling Proposition - your USP that makes you desired by your niche market.

Click the Buy Now button now, and the Branding You! workbook, in pdf format, will be available for instant download.

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How Much Is Understanding Your Niche Worth To You?

How much would it cost you to find your true niche? 

Jay Abraham charges $3,000 per hour for marketing consultancy. Now you probably wouldn't engage Jay, but a half-day of face-to-face consultancy with me to help you discover your niche would cost you #849.00.

But more importantly, how much money are you missing out on right now through not being able to clearly articulate what services you offer and to whom?

Let's assume you're starting out in coaching.  Let's say you only charge #60 per weekly coaching session.  Let's say you only gain three clients.  That's #180 per week of potential income.

Every month that you don't have these paying clients costs you how much?  That's #799.40 lost for every month you're not absolutely clear on your niche. 

The Branding You! Workbook is exclusively available here for download for the introductory price of $37.00.

Think about this for a moment.  If as a result of buying The Branding You! Workbook you gain only one paying client - for one session - then you've recovered your costs many times over!

Buy now for the introductory price of just $37.00!

I accept PayPal( and credit cards via the button below for The Branding You! Workbook. 

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What will happen when you click on the Buy Now button?

You will be taken to a secure payment page that accepts Paypal( and credit card payments.  Once your payment is confirmed you will be directed to the download page where you can immediately download the workbook in pdf format.

Act Now Before The Price Rises

I'll be honest with you - I can't keep The Branding You! Workbook at this introductory price for long.  Coaches who have had early copies are telling me it's way underpriced for the value it delivers.

I may have to raise the price soon to $57.00.

At that price, it's a bargain.  At its current price, of $37.00, it's a steal.  Buy it now and save yourself money.




Your in-depth workbook enabled me to get really clear about my business and how I want to be perceived by my clients.

The clever questioning made me think hard about how I wanted to stand out from the crowd and went further than most branding exercises, enabling me to discover what really made me unique!

If I had completed the exercises earlier when developing my coaching practice, I would have saved myself a lot of time and money heading off in directions that were not right for me."

Joanna Losack

The Product Coach.


"There's a lot work in your workbook, Alun!  It looks really good.

There are plenty of questions to focus on and it has been very useful for me right now. 

Just what I needed."

Tim Kenning

Creator of Lifeways Coaching Cards & Author of The Houdini Principle.

100% Risk Free Purchase

We are only interested in delighted customers.

The Branding You! Workbook has a full 12-month money-back guarantee. 

If you are not absolutely delighted with it, up to 12 months after your purchase, I will personally refund your money in full. 

Remember, you buy at my risk.



No Risk Acceptance Form

Yes Alun, I want to discover my coaching niche. 

Please rush me a pdf copy of the Branding You! Workbook! for $37.00.

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I understand I will get The BrandingYou! Workbook via immediate download in pdf format.


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To Your Success as a Coach!



Alun Richards

High Performance Coach

ps - by having The Branding You! Workbook you are moments away from beginning to define your niche and transform your marketing effectiveness - for only $37.00!

pps - you get it at my risk - why not request a copy now?

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