What Every Internet Marketer Ought To Know - How To Create A Download Page In Only Three Minutes...

To People Who Want To Create A Download Page 
- But Can't Get Started

Are You Willing To Follow Three Steps To Create A Download Page? 

You know the problem, right?

You have a digital product you want to offer for download.

Perhaps it's an ebook - or an mp3.

You want to appear professional - you don't just want to direct them to the mp3 and have it start playing!

You want to control the interaction.  Offer a nice download page.  It looks more professional, doesn't it?

So What's The Problem?

The problem is you're not about to learn HTML just so you can create a download page!

That would take you months.

You only want a simple download page.

And your webmaster will charge you £150 to even look at it.  He doesn't want to do the work.

That's if you can even get hold of him.

So what are you to do? 

All this delay in getting your products available is costing you money!

Finally a Solution!

Imagine if you had an easy to use utility on your hard disk.

And in just three steps you could create a download page.

What if you could create a download page in less than three minutes?

And you could create as many as you wanted?

Great New Discovery Helps You Create A Download Page In Less Than Three Minutes!

dpbuilder pic

Alun's Download Page Builder contains everything you need to create a download page quickly and easily!

How To Create A Download Page In Only Three Minutes Starting From Scratch

This is what Alun's Download Page Builder gives you:

checkmark No more webmaster fees!
checkmark No learning HTML!
checkmark No hard-to-use HTML editors!
checkmark Builds a download page in 3 minutes! 
checkmark Creates a professional image. 

Three Steps To Create A Download Page

I know what you're thinking - will it work for me?

I've really made Alun's Download Page Builder simplicity itself to use.

It's all menu driven.

You just fill in the blanks - there is no programming and no HTML editing.

It couldn't be easier.

Yes, These Three Steps Helped Me Save A Fortune On Webmasters And They Will Work For YOU Too

I never pay webmaster fees any more.

You too can simply fire up Alun's Download Page Builder, and in three minutes or less have a download page built.

I supply you full instructions on how to upload your page to your hosting.

You're even guided where to get hosting if you don't already have it.

You do need a PC (or PC-compatible Mac) to run Alun's Download Page Builder, by the way.

The Complete Guide To Create A Download Page

Alun's Download Page Builder really is a complete guide.  It includes succinct but detailed manuals, and a video to help you.

You have all you need in a menu-driven package to help you build a download page.

My Guarantee To You

I'll take the risk here.  If Alun's Download Page Builder does not work for you, up to 60 days after you purchased it, simply email me at alun@brandingyou.org and I will refund your purchase in full.

How Would You Like To Create A Download Page?

For just $67, Alun's Download Page Builder is available on instant download.

You can pay securely by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Imagine, minutes from now you could be creating your first download page!

Yes, Alun, I'd love to buy your
Download Page Builder for only $67!