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4th January 2009
From the desk of Alun Richards in London

Dear fellow coach,

You may be like the estimated 68% of all coaches who do not have a niche. 

You may have previously tried unsuccessfully to find a coaching niche.

You may have already realised that having a niche is the first step to coaching success.

Well, I have some good news for you.

I can help you find your coaching niche!

Discover Your Coaching Niche is a seven-part course delivered to you via email.

And it's free of charge.

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What you will gain

Discovering your coaching niche is the first step to a successful coaching practice.  Here's what you will gain specifically from this mini-course:

Discover the market niche that's right for you.
Quickly decide whether you have a hungry market
Find a niche that aligns with your passion!
Establish whether you can make money in your niche.
Align your niche with your core skills.
Be guided through an easy-to-follow process.
Maximise the effect of your marketing efforts!

Don't delay - find your niche today!

The seven-part Discover Your Coaching Niche mini-course is free of charge.

Simply fill in your name and email address and the Find Your Niche course will start arriving in your mailbox.





Alun Richards

Author of The BrandingYou! Workbook