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Claim your access to this training & software for only $197

Here is what you get in this bundle of software and training! Everything you need for your Wordpress hosting account to do it yourself. Just add camera, video editing software, like many of you have, a finished sales video, and you are good to go! Online in business in minutes!  No web designer, no webmaster, just a product or service offer, a video and a buy button!

  1. Wordpress Video Salesletter Training Tutorials viewable online or download to your computer

  2. S3 Media Player Lite (Amazon S3 Account Needed) and FLV Producer Lite Included

  3. Plugin Uploader software to upload your themes and Wordpress plugin software included

  4. 5 sales letter templates.  All you do is modify the header graphic and you are ready to go in business!

  5. Resources for setting up Wordpress, hosting and domain names.

  6. Complete training for video editing and post production skills for Sony Movie Studio

  7. Discounts options for Sony Movie Studio, A Flip USB Netcam and Tripod if you don’t have one. Easy to add to your order on checkout, or get them elsewhere, that’s ok, the tools are needed, but the training is the magic!

I have too many success stories too numerous to mention doing Video Sales Letters, that I know this will work for you if you just try it.
If you do not agree after trying it for 60 days, I will refund your investment, no questions asked. But if you don’t try, you will never know!

Claim your access to this training & software for only $197

The headline in USA Today April 6th, 2008 was:

“Marketing Gold Could Be Found In Web Video” Read article here for even more proof we are on to something!

To your success,

Alun Richards

P.S, It only takes 3:50 to watch the video at top to determine for sure that this training can help you quickly get on board with the hottest trend I am seeing online for individuals to sell products, services, generate leads for businesses and even sell in eBay! Just take a look now to be sure before you leave this page. It shows you everything you get for only $197!

Claim your access to this training & software for only $197